Consumer alert 

NOTE: Because we do set the standards in hypnosis we receive a lot of phone calls asking about other organizations and individuals.Therefore whether we like it or not, we have been appointed as a "Watchdog Agency" for fairness and standards.

Do not be fooled there are hundreds, if not thousands of places offering education in this field. The reason for this is it is an unregulated field. This allows unscrupulous individuals to operate and to prey upon the unsuspected. The following are four actual examples: 

#1 We have a lady by the name of Amantha Hall who was removed from NBPES for misconduct so she set out to get even by emailing people telling lies about us. This lady has no human feelings what so ever. She did not care that out office girl was out with an operation when she just simply said "too bad, not my problem" snapping her fingers and making demands. This uncaring, unfeeling poor excuse for a woman, let alone  human being, is not a person who should be using hypnosis or any other professional service dealing with people in our opinion. She flooded us with more then 50 emails in an attempt to get us to drop everything and wait on her ahead of everyone else because she thinks she is better then everyone else. Our office girl came to work from recuperation just to take care of this lady to stop the harassment. This was not good enough as she had to wait an hour for this to happen so she is now badmouthing us. It takes all kinds. She is trying to be involved in Law Enforcement. Be very careful if you run cross this robot of a human disguised as a women.

#2 Warning, The National Board branch in Malaysia, HM Life Coaching and Training AKA Teoh Hooi-Meng has been revoked for fraud.

#3 Sherry Forshee purchased courses and paid for same with several bad checks. Because of the dollar amount what she has done is in fact a felony, three to be fully honest as there is three bad checks. She has not returned any material back to us which of course is theft. When we tried to collect she sent us a bill? She has some serious problems as she is a bad check writer and she tries to hide her crimes by filing false complaints with other organizations against us? I know it makes no sense but we only can report the facts and must leave it to the mental health professions to try and figure out what's wrong with her. She is a real estate broker in Illinois and as such she is responsible for other people's money which is a serious problem when she cannot control her own finances.We would strongly recommend not giving money or material (credit) to this lady. The officials are currently working on this case.

#4 There is a lady calling herself Hiromi Nagata, 49 years old who uses some of these names and address including, 444 West 44th St. New York, NY, MTR Institute Ichinomiya 88 Piikoi St. Apt. 2205 Honolulu, Hawaii and Tokyo, Japan, as she trains and works in all three places.

Hiromi Nagata joined us in 2007 and became one of our certified trainers in the three above areas. She supplied students to us several times (14 total students) and then in 2008 she decided she could continue to train but to cheat us and cut us out. So she has trained, over the last two years, using our name and materials of course, more then 100 students taking their hard earned money and not finishing their training, in other words committing fraud. She not only lied to us but to all of them as they thought she was with us and so they paid her for our training and certification, neither of which they received, as we knew nothing about any of them.

We started to get complaints in each day from her former mad students from several countries, that she had defrauded them and had defrauded us as well. It is believed that this scam totals more than $100,000 and has lasted two years. When we notified her that we knew all about her fraud, deception and scams in three different places she owned up and paid us a good faith payment until she hired a lawyer two days later, she then lied to him and he in turn sent us a nasty email saying he was going to prosecute us for criminal blackmailing of his client, Hiromi Nagata. Will this woman who is now known as a criminal, stop at anything? She appears to have NO morals.

So lets recap. She is a liar, a fraud, a scam artist and she was trying to have us arrested for enforcing an agreement she made with us as an instructor of ours. When we provided documents that she told her lawyer did not exist, her lawyer was shocked to say the least. To make matters worse her certification to train expired in 2009 and so she was not even allowed to legally teach, period. Now this lady has threatened some of these former students with physical harm if they talk and they are very much afraid of her and what she may be capable of doing. 

Her former students say she only cares about herself and collecting as much money as she can from her students and then not finishing them (certifying them) or talking with them ever again. As far as we can determine she only has unhappy students.

So this is a warning to all who may come in contact with Hiromi Nagata of MTR Institute. DO NOT do business with this lady by the name of Hiromi Nagata of NY, NY, Honolulu, Hawaii or of Tokyo, Japan as she is not able to legally train anyone and will most likely do what she has done to more then 100 people already, which is to cheat them out of their hard earned money. And according to some of her former students she is a dangerous person who may be capable of doing physical harm to you as well. She copied our course material, which is against federal copyright laws, and did this more than 100 counts. There is a potential for more then 70 felony counts to be pressed against this lady as she is prosecuted for her many crimes in multiple municipalities.

She, Hiromi Nagata is not affiliated with us, NBPES in any way, shape or form and cannot use our name or train anyone under us since 2008, as she has been removed for misconduct and criminal activity permanently from our organization. If she has trained you during 2008-2010 you should contact us and your local police to file criminal charges against her.

If she has trained you during these dates please contact us immediately so that we can help you, as we have others, become legally trained. @ 352-591-1130

#5 We have an  individual who cheated us out of almost three thousand dollars his name is Dr. Koenig of Knoxville, TN using the name of Tennessee Valley Orthopedics. If you run across him hold on to your wallet, as he will most likely cheat you in a New York minute as he did us. He calls himself a Christian and even goes to church, what a hypocrite!

We made sure that this crooked doctor signed the an agreement so he could not say later he did not authorize the sale. What he did was to wait until he got all of his certificates that he paid for and then cancelled the charge, three months after the sale. We are out all of the money for his education that he received and is using.

This doctor, Koenig, agreed to call us more then 12 different times and never did. Koenig is a liar and a crook. Not only were we lied to on a regular basis but also he lied to Discover telling them they never got a thing from us. Thus filing a false report in order to defraud us out of our money. We will be filing a complaint with the Medical Board of TN about this dishonest doctor. We have filed complaints with the State, City and County. We have our attorneys suing him for defrauding us.

Would you want a doctor to treat you who will lie, steal from you and/or cheat you? He has your very personal secrets and banking information, he has already shown to be very capable of charge card fraud.

This man has your medical information and your charge card information and is very dishonest. He obviously has no morals and wont hesitate to cheat people out of their hard earned money.

The crooked doctor, Koenig went out and got memberships in other organizations knowing he was going to cheat us and what we would do. So all of this was well thought out many months in advance. We spent literally hundreds of man-hours coaching his affliate to get him through his education all of which was above and beyond what he paid for. Please do not be fooled by this con artist. Please see for more information on this crook who preys on hard working, unsuspecting people. Newspaper articles to follow.

Note: You may have noticed we have removed information on several other organizations as they have agreed  to work for the benefit of hypnosis and their members and we want to give everyone a chance to work for the unity of hypnosis. 


Here is a case of a poorly trained lady who has herself in big trouble. 

Bradenton Herald, The (FL) April 26, 2002 Section:



Nevy Wilson, Herald
Staff Writer   

A woman who helped golfers improve their game using hypnosis was arrested Thursday for practicing without a license, according to Manatee County Sheriff's officials. Detectives got a tip earlier this month that Elastine (name withheld) , 38, of Bradenton, was possibly practicing without a license, according to reports.  Andersen told an undercover detective that she was board certified, licensed and held doctorate degrees in psychology and hypnotherapy, according to sheriff's spokesman Dave Bristow.

After her arrest, Andersen told detectives she earned her doctorate degree from classes she took on the Internet. Sheriff's investigators confirmed that she does not hold a license to practice psychology or hypnotherapy in Florida. Andersen advertised in several local publications and authorities are uncertain how many clients she was treating, Bristow said.  Since at least January, Andersen had been working with several students from Tony Jacklin Golf Academy. Eduardo Rondero, director of the golf academy, said he was shocked to learn about Andersen's arrest.  "Now we feel like we want to find out what's going on, just like everybody else," Rondero said Thursday.  Andersen was never on the academy's payroll, Rondero said. The academy would put up a sign-up sheet for students who were interested in working with her, he said. Students signed up and paid her individually. It was unclear how much they may have paid her per session.

"We trusted her," he said. "We feel we've been cheated, too. Next time we have to do a better background check."  About three or four students were working with Andersen, and at one point as many as seven students were going to her for help.  "She has helped a lot of our students cope with their fears about losing and all that," Rondero said.

Andersen has said that she also worked with professional and college athletes seeking to enhance their concentration in the athletic arena. She contended past clients include players from the Lightning, Devil Rays and Orlando Magic.  Andersen was arrested on a charge of practicing a healthcare profession without a license and jailed on $1,000 bail. She posted bond and was released Thursday night.

Please do not let this happen to you.

The normal acceptable amount of education in this field is 75-125 hours for a basic course.(350 hours in Indiana.) Note: a weekend course is NOT acceptable to any legitimate board.

We challenge the above organizations or individuals to find any fault with the above information and if they do we will take it off within  24 hours and post a public apology. This information is NOT provided to slam other organizations or individuals but to educate the public and hopefully inspire positive changes in this field, and we believe it has already done so.

We at the National Board have never been sued or had any City, County, State or Country stop any of our members from practicing. We also are the only ones who can claim, no complaints on file.

Be careful, if they do not have a board of directors, a toll free phone line, offer continuing education, free support, proper memberships/affiliations, an acceptable return policy, a good guarantee and a physical address; it is a sure bet you will be taken for your money. Beware of anyone wanting to teach you a one session cure all, or a videotaped course. The bad part is there is nothing you can do about it once you have purchased. Check out their return policy, accreditation's and guarantee first!!